As well as directly affecting profitability, climate change presents organisations and businesses with strategic opportunities and threats which require a structured approach to identify the ‘business case’ for investment in mitigation and adaptation solutions.

In recent years the focus has been on reducing carbon emissions, sometimes at the expense of long term sustainability. Increasingly though, climate change is being seen as an opportunity for growth or diversification into new markets, including new adaptation products and new mitigation methods. Businesses who are freeing up resources through a proactive approach to maximising climate change opportunities are also enjoying a ‘first mover’ advantage, with reduced vulnerability compared to competitors

Whilst there are times where a focus on climate change mitigation or adaptation is appropriate, we believe that the most robust climate change strategies integrate the demands of both agendas, recognising that both are needed for long term sustainability. We pioneer a unique, risk based approach that uses risk management skills familiar to most decision makers to develop structured plans that manage the uncertainty of future climate change impacts.

This approach can be scaled to suit your organisation, applied at strategic (organisational) or operational (project) levels and integrated with a number of stages of environmental management system development.

We can help set a strategic direction for managing climate risks in your built estate and open up future opportunities for developing existing stock in line with this.

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